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2BD Farm Logo

Tuesday, 15 February 2022 16:20
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Licensed Hemp Farmers since 2020, 2BD Farm is now offering their first retail product. CBD Pet Treats!! 

In October of 2021, I got an email from a couple staring their new business and looking for a logo designer. They sent me a brief history of how the idea for 2BD Farm was conceived.
As Carmen and Scott described their journey to me, they also explained about the dogs. 
"Started with a brunch in Jan 2020 on King St. in downtown Charleston, SC. We walked past a CBD store (Charleston Hemp Collective). Purchased items, talked with highly educated staff,
became intrigued. We talked more, looked up hemp growing laws in Missouri because of my family farm there. Found it was legal to grow industrial hemp and first annual Missouri Hemp Symposium was scheduled for later that month in Kansas City. Booked tickets and went, which started our journey learning more about the plant, benefits, and and the endocannibinoid system.
Back home … we realized that outdoor growing in Missouri was impossible at the moment because of the lack of support/workers there. 
DIdn’t have land here, like in Missouri, so we started down the path of container growing, thinking we could have it on our home site. We purchased the container, had it moved to our property, bought growing equipment, then realized we couldn’t get permits to do it because we didn’t have enough land, which led us to look for a piece of property… and eventually found [property] in McClellanville, a quaint fishing village we both have always loved.

"The name came from loving our two furry friends, one an English Black Lab, the other a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix; both black dogs. We considered Two Black Dogs Farm, but of
course, it felt too wordy, then tried an acronym, 2BD. We loved that it was also a play on CBD."
The next week I met with Carmen and Scott in person to hear all about their hemp farm and their vision for the logo. Loved their concept and enjoyed talking with them about their goals and plans for the business.  Later, Carmen sent me numerous images of logos they were drawn to for color and style. We worked on refining the logo during the next month and finished up with a final the first of December. Whenever I would send Carmen a layout, she would often draw right on top of it with changes they were intersted in seeing. These visuals were so helpful in the logo development. Since finalizing the logo, we have worked together on packaging for the 2BD Dog Treats, some stickers and a t-shirt graphic. You can see the packaging on their website - and purchase for your own pets.  
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