Snee Farm Swim Team Graduate Tee Design

Snee Farm Swim Team – another year of graduates! Head Coach, Jason Kreutner has served the Snee Farm Swim Team since 1990. He works with me almost every year to produce the Senior T-Shirts for the graduates of the team. I’ve been a part of the screen printing industry and worked with screen printers for […]

USL 2022 Graduate Tees

Time again for the T-shirt design for the University School of the Lowcountry! Another year of graduates for the University School of the Lowcountry! Founded in 2007, University School of the Lowcountry (USL) is an award-winning non-profit, 50 tax-exempt, independent school in Mount Pleasant, SC serving grades 3-12 in a co-educational and non-sectarian environment. I have been […]

Snee Farm Swim T-Shirt for 2020 Graduates

Snee Farm Swim Team T-shirt for Seniors After a year of delays for the Snee Farm Team, due to COVID, we completed the 2019-2020 Tee Graphic! I’m pretty sure I started designing the Snee Farm Swim Team tees in 2014, but it may have been earlier than that. It’s been a fun journey and boy, […]

Blaze – Lucky Enough T-shirt

New t-shirt line from Blaze in Charleston, SC. The start of a new partnership with here in Charleston, SC. BLAZE helps cities, counties, non-profit and state organizations discover better information. They spend time shooting the photography, documenting new points of interest and writing the copy to develop visitor, tourism and recreation Guidebooks. Operating since 2009, the company photographs the BEST reasons […]

USL – University School of the Lowcountry

End-of-Year t-shirt for graduating seniors at University School of the Lowcountry, Mt. Pleasant SC. Each year I have the opportunity to design the end-of-year tee shirt for the University of the Lowcountry school in Mt Pleasant, SC. The school goes on an amazing amount of field trips throughout the Lowcountry and beyond, exposing the kids […]

Scout and Zoe’s

When Scout and Zoe’s contacted me about designing a tee shirt for Year of the Dog, I jumped at the chance … The best job I ever had was being the art director for a screen printing company for 15 years. I love doing tee shirt graphics, and enjoyed every aspect of that job. When Scout and […]