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High Performance Homes - Logo

Sunday, 24 October 2021 19:36
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High Performance Homes gets a brand new logo!

Famed logo designer, Paul Rand said “A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.” My new client, High Performance Homes, had a goal to be identified as a company which works to solve home problems of all types and provides the work to inspect, test, analyze and repair - servicing the whole home to make sure everything is performing properly and efficiently, while using skills that are fine-tuned to the climate in the Southeast. This Charleston, SC family business includes husband, wife, son and others. I recieved an email from wife, Sondra, inquiring about my Logo/Identity Package - and with wit and wisdom, she explained her needs for an updated logo that could be used on uniforms, business cards and a website.
When Sondra and I first exchanged emails, she not only gave me important specifics about the company, she also emailed me a photo of her family so that I would "know who I was working with.” That was the goal on my own website. Along with my work images, finished projects and information, I provide a few photos showing you that I’m a true Charlestonian, with my face to the sun and my feet in pluff mud. In case we don’t meet up in person, you can still get to know who I am through my website, by phone and by email. But if you’re in the Charleston area, I’m always happy to meet with you. 
"We like colors that reflect the nature around us here on the coast, especially blues and greens. My husband’s favorite color is a light or royal blue so that will more than likely be the color of our shirts so the logo should stand out against that background.” These two sentences in her email helped direct my color choices and enabled me to create a color palette for the logo and add layouts showing the different logo designs on a blue shirt, giving them a visual for the logo in use. After a few sets of layouts, we were able to fine tune the final choice and create a color group that Sondra loved. 
The other thing I appreciated about Sondra’s business description was that they have an eye on the future and what the company hopes to include in their services in the coming years. They plan to expand and include both construction and training at some point. 
Sara Blakely, the highly successful entrepreneur and creator of Spanx said “You’ve got to visualize where you’re headed and be very clear about it. Take a polaroid picture of where you’re going to be in a few years.” I’m confident that High Performance Homes has a clear picture of their future and I wish them fabulous success!
I look forward to sharing the website for High Performance Homes very soon, but for now, here is their brand new logo.