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Final Daze - Sailboat Logo

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 20:46
Published in Blog
Boat branding can be challenging ...
Where will you use your logo once I’ve designed it for you? Branding can be used on your website, a blog, your print marketing, apparel, business cards or maybe even a sign in front of your business or a sign for your vehicle. These are just some of the branding placements that my clients have used and there are many more.  Promoting your business with a logo helps people to identify your company and creates a visual symbol that represents your business. A well designed logo builds trust and used consistently will make your business name memorable.
Located on the East coast here in Charleston, SC, I have had the opportunity to also design boat logos. Yes, most boats do have a logo - whether it’s just the name of the boat in an interesting font, or the name along with a graphic that is designed specifically for that boat name. Fishing boats, speed boats, sailboats, etc. all need custom logos or lettering that personalize and compliment, with a one-of-a-kind logo design making your boat stand out from the crowd. Boat branding can be challenging, as you think about the numerous placements for the name, depending on the type of boat.
Along with having the boat name on the starboard transom, the potential spots for a logo would be on either the forward or aft sides of the boat hull. On a sailboat, it could also go on the spinnaker (that’s the big colorful sail that you occasionally see on sailboats). Other uses for a boat logo would be for hats, shirts and other apparel. A little over a year ago, I did the branding for Salty Sister - a small cruise boat in Charleston. Take a peek at the photo gallery https://www.saltysistercruises.com/photo-gallery/ Two crucial spots for this logo were the side of the boat and on the website. 
This year, I had the privilege of designing a logo for this gorgeous sailboat, Final Daze. As soon as pics are available with the newly applied logo, I will post them here. The logo will most likely go on the hull and the spinnaker - both navy in color. I’m excited to see this logo “sailing” on the Atlantic!
FinalDaze onthewater