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Charleston Boutique Warehouse Sale - logo

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 20:27
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Some clients know exactly what they want and my job is to create for them what they envision ...
When Kathy Rambo contacted me for a logo design, she knew exactly what she was looking for. Not many clients come to you with a visual in their mind that matches the final product, but Kathy was pretty close. She sent design style ideas she found on the internet, along with a strong color preference for pink!  I usually like to give clients a few versions of what they describe and also include a version that they may not have thought of. A pleasure to work with, Kathy was enthusiastic and appreciative during the process …along with being open to new ideas. I tried some different layouts with several shopping figures and added some additional colors. Plus, I included several styles of the Ravenel Bridge graphic. The event takes place right near the bridge in Mt. Pleasant, SC, so it was important for her to have that identifying image. In the end, Kathy returned to her basic idea, which I think tells her story well. We played around with a variety of fonts and her preference was the bold and italic combo.

The semi-annual Charleston Boutique Warehouse Sale is a 3 day event for boutiques and designers to sell their merchandise at discounted end of season prices. Kathy works tirelessly to find the perfect vendors for the Charleston Boutique Warehouse Sale and is always excited to share her collection with shoppers. She combines a charity event with food and drinks, first selections on merchandise, a fashion show, and free gift bags for early arrivers.  Products include women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, dresses and even home goods. To discover more about the event, take a look on the Facebook page here:


"CBWS is a semi-annual event for boutiques and designers to show and sell their merchandise at discounted end of season prices. The sale you have been waiting for! All your favorite boutique's sale items under one roof for three days only! FREE Entry!!"