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New Year - New Decade

Monday, 13 January 2020 16:39
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It's a new year and a new decade - what's in store for you? ....

Looking back at some of my logo designs from 2019, I am excited about what is ahead for Left Hand Graphic Design in 2020! Designing logos are my favorite thing to do, and I find the process so interesting and each and every client unique. Usually, I learn a little something every time I take on a new project - both new design techniques and time-saver tricks, and often - new communication skills or methods. Whether your interaction is face to face or through email or text - communication is key and some clients want to keep it to a minimum and some want to know every detail you can provide as you go along. Find the sweet spot, ask questions and follow-through on communications. If you’re not getting responses - pick up the phone. Business owners are busy people, but they will appreciate your persistence. Don’t hesitate to text - it’s often the quickest way to get answers and to let the client know you have sent over files - or placed them in the Dropbox, etc.
In 2019, I spent more time on collateral projects than I normally do and really enjoyed it. Collateral designs included a salesman contact map:
KMSC map 2020 small
- a business Holiday Card, brochures, numerous magazine ads, real estate flyers, website icons, tee shirt graphics and my new favorite project to work on - billboard graphics!
Did you think all billboards are horizontal rectangles in size "super large"? Not exactly. I learned that billboards come in many sizes (and shapes) - and that each graphic has to be designed for the particular size of the billboard - which can vary greatly. So, if you are asked to design a billboard, be sure you get the exact size before you begin! That is usually true for most projects - sizing is critical and you should start with the exact size instead of trying to alter later. 
After creating a logo, you don’t always get to see the numerous substrates it is used on - so it was fun to see these pics on The Cat Groomer of Charleston instagram. The logo on the truck and the logo on the front door and business sign look fabulous! 
 TCCG store 400px
This was a particularly fun design to work on due to the numerous colors - and the Historic Charleston connection.  And what an appreciative client! If you live in Charleston and have a cat, I hope you’ll visit Whitney Bullock at The Charleston Cat Groomer. She genuinely loves what she does and will take sweet care of your feline. 
TCCG truck 400px
Lastly, as I look toward 2020 … I’d love to work with you.  I hope if you’re considering making this your decade to start the business you’ve always wanted - or if you’ve had your logo for the last decade and just need a LOGO RE-FRESH, please reach out to me! We can talk through your dreams and ideas and work together to create exactly what your business needs. And if you're just starting the entrepreneur journey, remember, it’s best to get your logo and branding set up first before you do anything else. You can then deliver the logo files to your web designer or get your business cards printed - or even rent your store space and get your sign made! Send me an email or give me a call! I'll make the process painless and pleasant for you.