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Custom Pet Portraits - post 2

Sunday, 23 September 2018 19:09
Published in Blog

My custom pet portrait business continues to grow ...


Since I wrote my last blog post about my custom pet portraits, I have illustrated 8 more dogs. Each dog is so distinct and fun to draw and my favorite customer comment was that my illustrations "show their unique personalities". Although I've been using Adobe Illustrator for many years, this particular application takes a new set of skills. I'm layering more now and using the layers to work on different portions of each animal - ears, mouth, eyes, color blocking and details. This enables me to concentrate in on more details and add or erase more easily. When asked what my biggest challenge has been so far, I responded that the lighter the dog, the more challenging the drawing. I did a solid white dog recently (which I can't show you here because this portrait will be a Christmas gift!) and found that dog particularly difficult to capture. In the process, I used both blue shades and tan shades to give depth and realism. The portrait posted here was done for someone who was mourning her recently deseased pet and wanted the portrait to help ease the pain. "Maddie" turned out to be one of my favorites and was easier to illustrate due to her variety of shades - the tans, blacks and a hue of blues helped bring her personality out. I try to always illustrate the dogs with smiles - happy dogs make people happy. 

I draw the portraits from a photo (or photos) provided and use the program Adobe Illustrator. The final piece is an 11 x 14 digital print on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Archival Photo Inkjet Paper.  I use some Prismacolor pens to complete each portrait. Currently, orders take two weeks to ship and can be ordered by emailing me. All I need to get started is the pet’s name and some nicely lit close-up shots! My goal for this business is to open an Etsy shop where all my custom portraits will be available for purchase.

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