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Crescent Home Services Logo/Identity Package

Thursday, 14 June 2018 17:05
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Crescent Home Services contacted me about a logo/branding package ...


When the owner of Crescent Home Services contacted me about a logo/branding package, he already had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted. Clients choose to share their ideas with me in a number of different ways. They may send me links to logos they like, send me ideas describing what they want or as this client did - he texted me a photo of a rough sketch he drew (and yes, I have gotten sketches done on a bar napkin). This Charleston, SC based business needed to appeal to locals and with the SC flag he hoped to achieve that. I can’t take any credit for the SC flag and crescent of course, but for this logo - the flag imagery was combined with a simple house structure and bold font to give the client what he wanted. I gave him several font and house shape selections and he decided on this combo. Clean, simple and hopefully eye-catching for his clientele. The branding package was created in Adobe Illustrator, and he ordered business cards and letterhead. If you live in the Charleston area and need some skilled carpentry, this could be your guy!