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CMD Engineering

Thursday, 15 March 2018 17:05
Published in Blog

CMD Engineering contacted me by email to explore the development of a logo for his new business ...


When your client is an engineer, details of the components are critical. This logo may look simple, but getting it exact was more involved than you might think. The logo began with a sketch he sent by text. In the last three months, that seems to have become the quickest and best way for clients to send over ideas.

Challenging and interesting, the owner of CMD Engineering gave instructions on line weights, curve measurements and radial balance - the kind of direction I don’t often get. It took a series of layouts to get it right, but the client was pleased and will be launching a website soon. As much as I enjoy working in color, this monochromatic logo helped remind me that sometimes working in black and white is a good place to start and fine-tune. Although I always include a black & white logo version with any logo package, I don't usually start there.