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Saffron Grill & Bakery

Monday, 22 January 2018 16:58
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Product packaging design has not been on my list of typical client requests here in Charleston and this was a fun project ...



Saffron Grill & Bakery Cake Box
Product packaging design has not been on my list of typical client requests here in Charleston, SC. However, when I was contacted by the owner of Saffron Grill & Bakery to come to the restaurant and meet with him, I jumped at the opportunity. Shahram Aghapour was developing a new cheesecake and needed some eye-catching packaging. The new cake he wanted to create would be called Angel Cheesecake and would be light, fluffy and original. 
Saffron Bakery is widely known in Charleston for it’s delectable baked goods delivered and sold in local groceries and also in the restaurant at Saffron located in the heart of downtown on East Bay Street. In business since 1986, Saffron Bakery & Grill is a local favorite for breads, pastries, and cakes, as well the place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For over three decades, Saffron has used local farmers and vendors whenever possible and some of the recipes, such as the She Crab Soup and Shrimp & Grits are the same as the day they opened their doors.
For our first meeting, Shahram had some specific ideas about the box he wanted to share with me. Although product packing needs to be practical, it also needs to tell the story of what you’re buying in the box. The packaging for this kind of cake needed to engage through imagery of sight and taste. The box would have air holes for the cake and the cake would be sold fresh from the bakery. He wanted the top of the box to have an image of the cake and to talk about the lightness of the cake itself. He also wanted to use the saffron color. The challenge for me was not being able to see the actual cake - or taste it! After a few meetings, several rounds of layouts and some intense fine-tuning, the packaging was approved. The next step was to send it to the box manufacturer. I look forward to seeing (and tasting!) the final packaging and product.