Keep Berkeley Beautiful Waste Cart Sticker

Waste Cart Educational Sticker 


A waste cart sticker might not sound like something you dream of creating … and seriously, how exciting could it be? But not long ago, I had an email from the Keep Berkeley Beautiful Director who coordinates recycling in Berkeley county. She was requesting a quote for a Waste Cart Educational Sticker that would convey what to and what not to place in the Waste Carts.  This sticker would include contact information and partner information.  One job in educating the public on how to use the cart was to help them understand the items that cause issues with the RePower Recycling Facility. Items like clothing/textiles, wires/hoses, non-emptied plastic or metal containers, and yard debris/waste are items that should be deposited some other place than the waste cart. It’s all part of keeping the recycling system working and operational. I liked the goal of the sticker and was happy to take on the project. 

Most important in designing this type of sticker is remembering that people aren’t going to take a lot of time to read instructions. Too much verbiage isn’t going to convey the message. Symbols and easy to understand visuals work best. As with a poster – while designing the sticker, these were my guidelines:

1) Should include a clear call to action : What CAN and what CAN’T go in the waste cart!

2) It should be easy to read from a distance : All stickers would be on the waste cart seen from the vehicle as it pulls up.

3) Keep the typography simple : Bold, easy to read and colorful.

4) Choose identifiable icons – Simple icons that everyone can recognize and that reach beyond language barriers.

5) Remember the final goal : Keep Berkeley Beautiful!




I look forward to meeting you.