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Citizen V2.1

Thursday, 28 January 2021 20:27
Published in Blog

A blog logo for Citizen Version 2.1 ...

Are you thinking about starting your own blog? Whether you are a small business, online shop or blogger, it’s a good idea to have your own unique and recognizable logo. Recently, I designed this logo for a SC political blogger.  His logo will let his readers know that his blog is professional and will help him build brand recognition. 
A logo is a helfpul way to connect to your audience and to make your url location memorable. It may even be the eye-catcher that brings people back to read more. Make sure the image helps tell your story and gives the reader an idea of what you are writing about. This client gave me some excellent direction and color choices and then most of the work was fine-tuning to get the logo exactly where he wanted it. 
From the blog:
The underlying philosophy of CITIZEN Version 2.1 is that the only cure for a failing democracy is more democracy.
My vision is that one day soon, the Citizenry becomes the fourth and highest branch of the America government.
We choose the policy issues on which we demand to be heard, cast our secure votes in national referenda from our phones
or home computers, and the decision of the Citizenry shall be binding upon the lower three branches of government.
Only with the weight of this new responsibility, do we mature into true Citizens of Democracy.
It has been a long and arduous journey, but the lights of our destination are just ahead.