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Hathaway Studio Stained Glass - Logo

Wednesday, 24 October 2018 16:45
Published in Blog

Hathaway Studio stained glass design in Greenville, SC contacted me for a logo design ...


These days, a logo designer has to keep in mind from the first layout that a business logo will be used on everything from business cards to a website - and many applications in between. It’s a rare occasion to get a request for a single use logo. Another thing to keep in mind is that with social media in the mix, logo files need to be provided in numerous sizes and configurations. Some clients can handle sizing themselves, but many can’t or don’t want the hassle and would rather they be provided. Along with getting the sizes correct for social media is keeping up with size changes as social media apps change and reconfigure. Getting a size wrong can make your online presence look unprofessional. If you plan to do your logo sizing yourself, make sure you check the most current sizing requirements. 

Hathaway Studio, in Greenville SC, designs and crafts stained glass jewelry, along with artistic pieces, many of them combining driftwood and stained glass. Although in business for a while, they needed a way to brand their jewelry bags and also a logo for use online. The plan was to order a custom stamp with the logo and then print the bags with black ink and add the logo in color to their Etsy shop, as well as for use elsewhere online. The stamp worked well for invoices, too.
I started with offering them some logo designs and then once they decided on their pick, I offered a number of color combos. I based the colors on the stained glass art and the most used color combos used by the artist, Todd Wilklow. Many of his designs portray beach colors and scenes, which go along well with the driftwood he collects in Charleston, SC. Todd works out of his home workshop and displays his creations at local shops and festivals - and online. One of his other popular lines uses bike gears inlaid with stained glass. He and his wife, Debbie manage the business and hope to see it grow even more in 2019. 
I was happy to find out that they decided on the ocean colors logo - a good fit for their business and a timeless color combo. It seems that people all over the world like to be reminded of the ocean! These blue and green shades are appealing, calming and have wonderful connotations - green is the color of life and blue always reminds of us of the sea.
To see more of the beautiful work done by Todd, visit his Instagram or his Etsy shop.