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USL - University School of the Lowcountry

Saturday, 26 May 2018 16:14
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End-of-Year t-shirt for graduating seniors at University School of the Lowcountry, Mt. Pleasant SC.


Each year I have the opportunity to design the end-of-year tee shirt for the University of the Lowcountry school in Mt Pleasant, SC. The school goes on an amazing amount of field trips throughout the Lowcountry and beyond, exposing the kids to many educational places,  events and people. We include lists of those field trips on the tee design, along with relating icons and a list of the graduating seniors … which makes it a big puzzle for me to put together.  I work closely with the Head of School, Jason Kreutner, who provides all the information and the ideas for the icons. He always wants the tee to be bright and colorful and include the University School of the Lowcountry logo, which I designed in 2007 when the school was founded.
University School of the Lowcountry (USL) is a small independent school, serving grades 3-12 in a co-educational and non-sectarian environment. The school offers a challenging and individualized curriculum. I’ve enjoyed being involved with the end-of-year tees each year and hope the relationship continues as I watch this growing school continue to develop and expand.