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Monday, 21 November 2022 21:59
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Long established CPA firm in Mt. Pleasant, SC changes their name ...

 “I was referred to you by another one of your clients.” Those are good words to hear! When clients take the time to refer me, I know our work together went well and they feel confident in sharing my name. Word of mouth and growing my business organically has lead to great relationships and more and more local connections. Encourage your clients to spread the word if they're happy with the work you've done - that type of reminder can really boost your business. 

The office manager from a local CPA firm in the process of changing their name had been referred by a dentist I created a logo for years ago.  Along with that connection, one of the CPA’s in the firm had been my CPA years ago, so I inquired about him and this is what the office manager, Alexandra, told me:

"Small world about John! He is officially retired now, as are all of the partners in our current name, so it’s time for a change. Our current partners’ first names conveniently start with H, R, & G so we are going to change from Hyland Ruddy & Garbett CPAs, LLC to HRG CPAs, LLC. We have never really had an official logo before, but I’m attaching what we have on our website & stationary. The website logo is just a generic logo that was generated by our accounting based website developer. The letterhead & business cards were created by the printing company we used years ago.”
This information helped so much in understanding what they had been working with and why they were making the change. And what a coincidence that they were able to use the same letters of ‘HRG’.  Crazy. As for the logo style they were looking for, her email went on to say:
"We would like the logo to be something professional, but with personality! I’ve been looking at other logos in the area (CPA firms, law firms, etc.), and I’m torn between keeping it simple, or adding a “lowcountry/Charleston” flair. The new logo will obviously be used on our website and internal documents, but we also have 2 rectangular signs that will need to be replaced with the new logo.”

Together, Alexandra and I decided to work on both a simple design and one that included a graphic of the Ravenel Bridge. I began with 6 rough drafts to get us in a good direction on style, fonts and color. Alexandra came back with excellent details on her three favorites and the changes she wanted to try. Alexandra shared the revisions with the partners and got back to me within a few weeks. We moved forward to finalize using some mock-ups of the new logo on their old sign. 
After 28 years of being Hyland Ruddy & Garbett, CPA’s, the firm will make the official name change January 1, 2023 - and I look forward to seeing the new logo in place on the website and on the sign!