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The Soap Nerd

Monday, 15 August 2022 20:01
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Woman owned and Charleston based ... The Soap Nerd begins her journey into business.

Funny story. Cindy, a former nurse sent me an email about starting her own handcrafted soap business. Her original idea was to call her business 'The Soap Nurse'. When she told her son about the name over the phone, he misunderstood and thought she said 'The Soap Nerd'. They both decided that was a much more fun name! I thought it was a great choice, especially since 'The Soap Nurse' made me think of someone who provides home care and baths - not handcrafted, beautiful soaps! So, that is where we started - with the name, an idea for a figure that looked a little like Cindy and some soap. It was important for Cindy to show both the art and science of soap making - and to have the figure be a little bit nerdy. 
Cindy sent me both photos of herself and some clipart images that she liked. She thought a stick figure might work well, but as we talked, she realized she wanted more detail and color than what a stick figure would provide.  The first three drafts included some soap bars, the glasses, a science beaker, the lab coat and a dark haired woman. On the right track! Cindy chose her favorite and asked for some minor revisions. We worked through a few more drafts and then Cindy decided on two, because she couldn’t chose! The main one that you see here will be her logo for her soap bar labels and the one she will use for most of her marketing materials.
It was fun working with Cindy and I wish her a successful business and an enjoyable soap making process. I hope to share more info on Cindy’s biz soon! Join her on Instagram and let’s help her grow her business: