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Salty Sister

Tuesday, 06 August 2019 16:49
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Salty Sister Cruises is a boutique boat charter business and they needed a logo for the boat ...

"Welcome to our journey of hard work in creating the sassiest little passenger vessel in town!"
Saltysis 2
That's what you'll find on the Instagram feed for Salty Sister Cruises. I worked with Beth Dismukes, the owner of the boat to create her logo for her boutique boat charter business. The logo would be applied directly to the side of the boat and then used for marketing. I just love working with locals and this was a special treat! Beth wanted to honor her late mother, who loved the SC coastal birds, so we started there. When we met to talk about the project, she brought me plenty of samples of color swatches and images she liked. I had a terrific starting point and the process moved pretty quickly as we looked at a number of fonts and logo shapes. The next step was illustrating the egrets and we started with a pair, but eventually decided on just the one. I created the logo and the website layout that would both be applied to the boat and Beth was on her way to naming to the Salty Sister! Best of success and wishing you many happy cruises!

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